Miro Piazza’s latest collection of Eyewear chain for 2020AW, the “New Dimension” series is inspired by Joan Miró’s symbolic representation of the “sun, moon and stars”. With geometric shapes and the colours in the jewels we aim to indulge in the world created by Joan Miró where it is beyond imagination, and is filled with every possibility, hence the “New Dimension”.

ASTRAL, which symbolizes the “star”, is the only asymmetrical style in the “new dimension” series. The hanging chain is composed of the goddess Miró shaped by geometric images, the circular MP Logo, and the chain geometry inlaid with turquoise rhinestones. Aesthetic symbols combined with chains of varying lengths complement each other with matte barrel black, presenting a low-key but full of quirky elements.

“New Dimesion” series are made in great details and can be worn not just as eyewear chain, but as necklace. You can use the chains on every type of glasses, not limited to just Miro Piazza eyewear. Multi-functional but at the same time does not cause allergy as it is lead free, nickel silver free and low cadimum.  

“Always be brighter than the star.”

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