2019 Hong Kong International Optical Fair


Showcase Window

Four new sunglasses are displayed in the showcase window So that everyone passing by can see the glasses , posters and stories blend together perfectly

Miro‘s Originality Display Stand

Uses Miro's MP logo to create a brand-specific
display stand makes it not just a
normal display stand but a work of art.

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Hong Kong International Optical Fair has a 27-year history and attracts designers, manufacturers, buyers and fashion people from all over the world to participate every year. The fashion news revealed at the exhibition will soon lead the fashion trend of glasses in the coming year.

In the 27th Hong Kong Optical Fair, there were 810 manufacturers from 18 countries and regions in the world, and a total of 12 exhibition halls were set up, bringing together brands from various countries to reveal the front line of eyewear fashion. The next one is to be continued, and preparations are underway for 2020.

The Hong Kong Fair select among a number of brands on the press release day as great designs for the participating media’s reporting.

Two of our new products, P.D.R and C.F.B, were selected with unique lines and extraordinary design features.

England Well Known Sunglasses Blogger

Siu-Yin Shing


Taiwanese Brand – Miro Piazza

“The founder of this brand is a fan of Spanish artist Joan Miro so the entire range is inspired by this artist. From the use of colour, the playful element to the use of shapes. I personally loved every piece. Really creative designs combined with good quality material and yet still very wearable for everyday consumers.” 



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Hong Kong Well Known Blogger - Auto Shop

Miro Piazza participates in live interviews with well-known bloggers in Hong Kong, introducing our new collection “Reborn” specifically.


Miro Piazza Parade

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